Military search
Learn the military history of your ancestors.
Upon completion of our work, you will learn the circumstances of the call, service, awards and the place of possible death of a person during the The Great Patriotic War (The Second World War).
What You'll Get
The restoration of the military path is a complex work. Our military experts will help to recreate the military path, to clarify participation in the battles of the Second World War.
We will provide documents on awards and injuries, and in case of loss, we will look for a burial place.
Restoration of the battle path
This is a painstaking study of the life of an ancestor during the war.

The study allows:
  • find out the circumstances of conscription, service and the place of possible death of a person during the Second World War;
  • find information about awards and wounds.
We can help if you need to perform a broader search not only in the Great Patriotic War, but also in other military campaigns.
Search for the missing
We will help you find the missing heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

What will be done:
  • You will find out where and under what circumstances your ancestor died;
  • we'll try to find a burial place;
  • provide archival extracts of awards.
The result of the search will be a report on the search for your ancestor with copies of archival documents.
How a military search is carried out
Consultation with a genealogist
Consultation with a specialist to form a request, collect primary information and draw up a search plan
Conclusion of an agreement
The contract fixes the scope of the search, the timing of its implementation and the cost
Project work
We carry out the full scope of work in accordance with the contract. For your project, a general chat is created in the messenger, which includes you and all the specialists involved in the study. Progress is discussed there and interim reports are posted.
Project Completion
Upon completion of the study, you receive a full report on the work done and the result of the search. We provide all copies of archival documents, extracts, on the basis of which the results are described. The report is drawn up by the designer and provided electronically. It is also possible to order a printed version for an additional fee.
We - find the number of the unit in the cards of irretrievable losses (BP) and (or) ranball (RB). Almost guaranteed a positive result in the end.
The unit number was not preserved in the BP and RB cards. We are looking for in the funds of divisions formed in the area of conscription of the desired. If the place of death is known, then in the funds of the divisions that participated in those battles territorially.
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