Genealogical research
We will find your ancestors and help restore family history to the XVI century
What You'll Get
Genealogical research is more than the search for ancestors, more extensive than the compilation of a family tree. This is an opportunity to understand, to see the origins from which the formation of a person as a person originates. Knowledge of the past will help to evaluate the present and predict the future, making you truly immortal for posterity.
This is the first step towards compiling a family tree.

The expertise allows:
  • go back 2 generations from the last known relative;
  • understand the prospects of research on the branches of interest;
  • draw up a genealogical chart for a specified period.
The result of the expertise is the compilation of a family tree, a detailed report on the information received and the preparation of a strategy for further search
This is the main stage of the search for ancestors, the largest and most time-consuming part

The research allows:
  • go back 100 or more years from the last known relative;
  • find ancestors by family branches of interest
  • get genealogical tree
The result of the study is a detailed report prepared by the designer with all the information found. Perhaps the design in the form of a genealogical book.
How the research is done
Consultation with a genealogist
Identification of the request, consultation of a specialist. Definition of an action plan
Conclusion of an agreement
Prescribing the main points of the study in the contract, determining the scope of the search and the timing of its conduct
Project work
We carry out the full scope of work, in accordance with the contract. For your project, a general chat is created in the messenger, which includes you and all the specialists involved in the study. They discuss progress in work and post interim reports.
Project Completion
Upon completion of the study, you receive a full report on the work done and the result of the search. We provide all copies of archival documents, extracts, on the basis of which the results are described
Additional services
The Genealogy Center "Family Heirloom" also provides the Customer with the opportunity to additionally arrange the results of research in the form of a genealogical book, a family tree of a family or a film
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