Genealogy book
The history of each family is unique and worthy of being written a book about!
A genealogical book, as a rule, serves as the end of a large and painstaking work on studying the history of a family in state archives, a family archive, collecting and systematizing the memories of relatives, and includes a family photo archive. This is a wonderful gift for yourself and your loved ones.
Stages of creating a book:
Selection of photographs, interview of relatives
At this stage, we collect primary information about the family history
Create a family tree diagram
Creation of the first genealogical scheme for structuring information
Conducting genealogical research
Working with archives and open sources. Identification of unknown periods of family life
Writing a genealogy book
After writing, the text is submitted to the Customer for approval
Proofreading text editor or proofreader
Style correction, correction of inaccuracies in the description
First layout of the book
The working version of the book is agreed with the Customer
Choice of design, materials and cover
The designer draws up a composition and sends it for approval, the Customer chooses the final design
Printing the finished book
Second layout (second proofreading by the text editor is possible), book printing and binding. Sending to the Customer
Genealogy book - status and style in every detail
Here you can choose the perfect book from more than 50 options, from inexpensive to elite.

Please note that the filling and design of the book by our designers is not included in all services.
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