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“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
Marcus Garvey
Genealogical expertise
Collection and analysis of all available information about your history. Research and restoration of the history of two generations of ancestors.
Genealogical research is more than the search for ancestors, more extensive than the compilation of a family tree.
Genealogical research
Find out and get documentary evidence of the national roots of your family.
Search for national roots
Family tree
Drawing up a diagram describing family ties within the same family.
Drawing up a family book that contains the history of the family, the memory of the ancestors.
Genealogy book
Reconstruction of the history of the participation of ancestors in the wars of the XIX - XX centuries.
Military search
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Urgent receipt of certificates and documents from archives and registration databases
Document search
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What our clients say about us:


Even my cursory research has brought many unexpected discoveries and new family members. We have grown! They even started talking. I am following your project closely. Honestly, if there was a free million on hand, I would order all your products on a turnkey basis. Thank you!


You impressed me with your work, I would also like to apply to your company - to find my husband's great-grandfather. We know the last name and first name, approximately the date of dispossession, and approximately the place where they were taken from, dispossessed. We know the date of birth and death of his son, maybe through a death certificate you can go to his father and further.


It was very exciting for me to receive a copy of my grandfather's criminal investigation file dated 1949. The truth and details were revealed to me, which none of his children ever knew. It is impossible to convey the feelings that I experienced at the same time. The story of absurdity and injustice deeply shocked my family, and gave us all the opportunity to imagine and experience that difficult time, and that tragedy that our family had to go through seventy years ago.


I got the results of the study at Genesis. I just learned almost from scratch my family tree history from my parents and before the beginning of the 18th century.
I sit and look for words to express everything.
So many people from different parts of the world lived, met, got married, endured difficulties, raised children, so that I would appear. Now it will be easier for me to accept myself for who I am, because my ancestors are behind me. I understand why I have a slightly Asian eye shape - from my great-great-grandfather on my mother's side, a wide face - this is me, it turns out to be my grandmother, my father's mother. It turns out that one branch of my ancestors is from Poland. I understand why the grandmother, whom I found alive, did not tell anything. Arrest, repression, the label of an enemy of the people - she experienced all this on herself.
Thanks Genesis. By the way, I did not expect that this is such a difficult and painstaking work.


In the fresh wake, I hasten to share with you my impressions of the consultation with Pavel.
It's become quite popular these days to research your own kind, and I think that's great! People start to think about who I am and what my family is.
At the same time, some people continue to believe that it costs a lot of money, others simply do not know where to start.
You are doing a great job! One hour with Pavel allowed me to realize how much my mother had already done in terms of genealogical research.
Pavel spoke about the main points and subtleties, and based on the results of the consultation, a detailed research plan was issued, which my mother and I are now following.
Separately, I want to note your service in compiling requests to the archives - for families like mine, who have already done solid independent work that they want to continue - this is excellent support at a reasonable price!
We are looking forward to the responses from the archives, and I am sure that we will cooperate in the future. After all, appetite comes with eating, and now we are interested in looking even deeper.
Name of service
Genealogist consultation hour
Search for the repressed (one person each)
€ 1 600
Military search in World War II
from € 1 000
Name of service
Genealogical examination on one family branch
€2 200
Genealogical expertise on two family branches
€4 200
Genealogical books
from € 1 500
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