Assistance in the urgent collection of genealogical data
Urgent receipt of certificates and documents from archives RSMHA, RSAAA, CAMD and registration databases
Urgent preparation
Receipt of certificates and documents from three working days.
Various referral options
Electronic or certified hard copy of certificates and documents. 
Who will benefit from this service?
  • Those who need documents urgently
    The average waiting time for documents in the archives is from 30 calendar days. If the request was made incorrectly, then it will have to be submitted again and wait for a response again.
  • Private genealogists and historians, lawyers
    In the practice of specialists, situations often arise when documents are needed urgently. This is especially true when restoring national roots or confirming their relationship.
  • Companies working with similar documents
    Urgent receipt of documents can significantly reduce the period of work in situations of determining kinship during inheritance, obtaining citizenship under a simplified form.
Why is it worth ordering urgent receipt of documents from us?

  • We can help you determine the type of document
  • We have extensive practical experience
  • We work with most archives and registry offices
  • We work not only with legal entities, but also with individuals
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